District Preparedness System

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Dear Preparedness Partners,

The District of Columbia is an industry leader in homeland security and emergency management having developed a flagship District Preparedness System (DPS) which serves a model across the nation. The DPS is the cornerstone of the District’s preparedness activities designed to achieve our shared goal: a safe and resilient city.

The DPS site is a forum to support District agencies with information about the DPS and to connect stakeholders with pertinent documents, tools, and workspaces to build their emergency management capabilities. This ability to seamlessly collaborate will enhance the District’s preparedness posture and capability to prevent, protect and mitigate against, respond to, and recover from all threats and hazards that may affect the Nation’s Capital.

The DPS fosters the spirit of partnership that we value so highly here in the District of Columbia. Working together, we will continue to enhance our City’s preparedness. Join me and get started now!

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